to MINE!, a Bishounen claim clique, run by Nemi. Hurry and lay claim to your favorite anime/videogame guy! :D Please note that you must have a website to join.

October 28th 2023 - Moved servers. Sorry if the DNS didn't quickly propagate. I'll be doing a full update since my last one, just not tonight. You were not forgotten, I was just really busy. :)
February 2nd 2023 - One new member!
November 11th 2022 - One new member!
April 28th 2021 - Moved to a new home at peachsoda.net, please change your links! :)
January 26th 2021 - One new member!
July 23rd 2020 - One new member :)
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March 26th 2020 - Three new members! Apparently my form wasn't sending emails. Sorry for the wait!
February 1st 2020 - One new member :D
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December 22nd 2019 - Added one new member!
December 5th 2019 - Site is up :3 Layout features Dark Mousy of D.N.Angel, by Yukiru Sugisaki.

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