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Ninin Naruto is a clique that allows anyone to have their favourite 'Naruto' pairing listed :3 It is nearing 500 members! Hosted by Kellie of Beautiful-Beast.net~! :D Now hosted by myself, but thanks to Kellie for putting up with me for that long!


1 You must like Naruto, and have a favourite pairing.
2 You dont need a site, but you must give me a name, email, and fav pairing.
3 If you do own a site, and want it listed here, you MUST put a code linking back to this site.
4 I wont list your site if it contains hate, porn, etc
5 If you want to change your info, do not join again. Use the 'change info' form and be sure to give me your ID. Im not searching through 500 people to find you ^^;


I ♥ Kakashi x Iruka
Naruto ♥'s Sasuke!

Or whatever you want!


To join, use the contact form and specify that you are joining this clique. If you want to update your info, use the same form and be sure to give me your number ID (which is your number on the list) and what you want changed.


Members 1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500



Sweet Temptation; Official KakashixNaruto FL! Antigravity; Official KakashixIruka FL! Sugar and Spice, the Naruto x Sakura FL!! Temariweb, a great Temari site! A Sakura fanlisting! Candy Shampoo, a Sakura Shrine
Wanna affiliate?

THE KIBA Not just Kiba, it's THE KIBA!

If you want to exchange links, contact me~ :3