Temporary layout! For now, here are the cliques. Follow me on Neocities for updates!

Mine! is a clique in which you can claim your favorite anime/game bishounen! Hurry up, because each bishie can only be claimed once!

Earth Fire Water Air is a clique where you choose the element that best represents you. You aren't limited to the four elements so you can be creative :D

Ninin is by far the most popular clique I've ever owned. I opened it in 2003 and it closed in 2005, but not before it racked up almost 500 members.
The purpose of the clique was to join and have your favorite Naruto pairing listed. On a whim, I decided to bring it back from the dead, original layout
and all. It's really meant as a slice of internet history and nostalgia, and for posterity, but it is also joinable! ♥

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